We get the ball rolling
Commitment in the area of sport

AP & P has been sponsoring athletes and clubs for many years. Target group-specific and highl visible – take advantage of your opportunities in this area too. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.


Markus Brier – multiple European Tour winner

Marc Cayeux – 9-time Sunshine Tour winner


logo-scrSK Rapid Wien
– Austrian champions a record 32 times
– One of the top 50 clubs in Europe
– Extensive international success



– 50-times Austrian wrestling champion



To make children’s eyes shine 
Commitment to athletes who have intellectual and physical disabilities

The support of the association “Special Olympics Austria” has been of great importance to us for years. Through the transformative power of sports, people with intellectual and physical disabilities discover new abilities and experience unsurpassed success. They have fun, become more self-confident and experience fulfillment – both on the field and in life. This is especially important for children in their development. We are happy to be able to contribute towards helping these athletes receive recognition and social integration through their sporting achievements.

Pictures do say more than words – it is amazing to see the joy in the children’s eyes.

See for yourself …

In our view, creativity deserves a stage 
Commitment to art and culture

New forms of art and culture are important to us – so we sponsor a very special project for young cultural creatives in Austria.

“Hip Hop goes Theatre“ is a unique cross-over project that provides the urban culture scene in Austria with access to a classical theatre stage, in order to develop the young and powerful cultural movement in new and innovative directions. The focus is on dance as a means of expression and often as a way to address critical social topics and inform as many people as possible about these.

In order to support the development of the urban theatre scene in Austria, the “Hip Hop goes Theatre“ festival is organised to include both national and international aspects. This variety creates a lively exchange of ideas within the scene and helps to ensure that the artists of this modern cultural movement, both young and old, can continue to astound with their spectacular body art and innovative ideas.

“Companies and institutions who support HHGT not only trust in the image transfer provided through innovative artistic ventures and projects as well as a strong presence in a future-oriented market, they also see this sponsorship as a meaningful element of their own corporate cultures.“
Sergej Pumper, Chairman